Forest Oak Properties

One of the most important features of Meadow Wings is the effort to be environmentally sound.  In areas set aside as green space, native plants will be used to attract birds and other fauna once original to the beautiful countryside in Boone County.

More than eye-catching, these native plants provide unseen benefits.  For example, did you know that water in our aquifer is not being replenished adequately?  This happens because present drainage methods move water off the land so quickly it cannot soak back into the ground as nature intended.  Native plants change that.  In place of lawn grass which has shallow roots, green space areas will have native plants with more extensive root systems such as cone flower and bee balm.  Besides restoring water to aquifers, their roots clean and filter the water and reduce flooding much more effectively than grass.

From the ground up, the setting at Meadow Wings will be enchanting, something you will love sharing with friends and family.

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