Forest Oak Properties

Forest Oaks is a company that builds maintenance-free homes designed with quality, distinction, and to harmonize with the surrounding environment.

Meet The Builders

Robert and Judith Lieberman, the owners of Forest Oaks Properties, are both Indianapolis natives who actually went to the same grade school! Another thing they have in common is that they both came from families in the construction, design and development fields. Robert’s father started a custom remodeling business in 1959, and his uncle and cousin, Albert and Alan Lieberman, developed apartment buildings for over 20 years. Judith comes from a family of architects. Her father was an architectural engineer who had a construction firm in Indianapolis (also started in 1959) until his retirement in 1982. And her sister, and two cousins are practicing architects. In 1985 her dad and her sister’s husband joined forces to start a development firm in North Carolina.

When Robert went to college he, too, studied architecture and design, doing his undergraduate work at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and graduate work at University of California at Berkeley. Robert was working for an architecture firm in San Francisco when his father suggested that he come back to Indiana to help run the remodeling business. It seemed like a natural thing to do. As a result, Robert has worked as a custom remodeler and builder on the north side of Indianapolis for 35 years.

During a family visit to North Carolina where Judith’s dad, brother-in-law and sister had notable success designing and building communities similar to Meadow Wings, Robert and Judith decided that they could start with the designs developed by Judith’s sister and modify them for the needs of a different location. Lebanon was chosen as the perfect community to situate these wonderful designs. From having worked for years with people in the building business in Lebanon, Robert knew that the people of Boone County would appreciate the solid construction, attention to detail, and reasonable pricing of a community like Meadow Wings as well as the native habitats in common areas and lakescapes that Judith will design.

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